About Shaman Spears

About the Artist

Shaman Spears are uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices. Each device is made from bamboo harvested from the West Coast of California. The cores are filled with copper coils, various crystal chips ranging from quartz spheres to Selenite chips, sand from sacred places around the world including naturally magnetic hematite sand and sand from Egypt, and various organic materials to function similar to an Orgonite Generator. Apolla uses her Quantum Touch energy healing to charge them as an energy collective using the Quantum Entanglement method. All spears are charged and added to the collective, every healer who runs energy through their spear adds energy to the whole collective and every new spear made strengthens the entire collective. Each spear is personalized with faux fur, feathers, and are wire-wrapped and leather-wrapped with faux suede. Most spears include a "tail" made with various crystal beads and mystical charms. The staffs are hand-painted with powerful ancient symbols such as runes and glyphs as well as crop circle designs that have appeared around the world.

Apolla is an actress, reporter for ExoNews, model and ‘muse’ician, as well as the artist and creator of Shaman Spears. But more importantly, Apolla is an initiate of Mysticism on her journey to enlightenment. Raised by Quantum Touch energy healers and is currently certified levels one and two Quantum Touch training. Apolla is well-read and spends a majority of her time researching and studying in the areas of Esoteric Philosophy, Shamanism, Exopolitics, Forbidden Archaeology and is on a mission to discover the truth of humanity's ancient past. Because of her interest in ancient civilizations and background in energy healing, Apolla was inspired to create a modern tool for channeling energy similar to the staffs/spears our ancient ancestors have used. As a Heyoka Empath with incredibly catalytic energy, she considers her purpose to be a pioneer in the human consciousness shift movement.